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-- West Run Zoning

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The following files are posted in PDF format. This is the finalized version of the zoning ordinance. Large PDF documents may take longer to download if you connect to the Internet via a modem. You may consider saving larger PDFs directly to your PC, rather than opening and viewing through your browser. Please hit refresh or reload in your browser to make sure you've viewing the most recent version.

Please call the Planning Office at 304-291-9572 if you have any questions pertaining to this ordinance.


West Run Planning District Summary Document
West Run Zoning Districts Map
West Run Zoning Ordinance Cover Sheet

West Run Planning District Regulations
West Run Zoning Ordinance Table of Contents
Article 1000 Enactment and Scope of Zoning Ordinance
Article 1010 WR Planning District
Article 1050 Rural Reserve District (R-O)
Article 1100 Low Density Residential District (R-1) Updated Feb 26, 2020
Article 1150 Neighborhood Residential District (R-2)
Article 1200 Medium Density Residential District (R-3) Updated Oct 14, 2020
Article 1250 High Density Residential District (R-4) Updated Mar 16, 2016
Article 1300 Neighborhood Commercial District (C-1) Updated Oct 13, 2021
Article 1350 General Commercial District (C-2) Updated Oct 13, 2021
Article 1400 Highway Commercial District (C-3) Updated Oct 13, 2021
Article 1450 Industrial District (M-2)
Article 1500 Open Space and Recreational District (OSR)
Article 1550 Institutional Use District (I-1)
Article 1600 Planned Unit Development (PUD)

West Run Planning District Administrative Sections
Article 2100 Administrative Sections
Article 2150 Official Zoning Maps
Article 2200 Map & Text Amendments
Article 2250 Definitions Updated Oct 12, 2021
Article 2300 Administration & Enforcement
Article 2350 Nonconforming Provisions
Art 2400 Board of Zoning Appeals
Article 2450 Fee Schedule
Article 2500 Parking and Loading Facilities
Article 2550 Landscaping and Screening
Article 2600 Roads and Rights of Way
Article 2650 Drainage and Stormwater Management
Article 2700 Water Facilities
Article 2750 Sewerage Facilities

West Run Planning District Administrative Interpretations (WRZO Section 2300.03)
Administrative Interpretations are intended to recognize that the provisions of the Ordinance cannot address every specific situation to which they may have to be applied. For example, certain specific uses may not clearly fall within the common meaning of any of the listed uses. This interpretation authority is established as an administrative, not legislative authority. It shall not  add or change the essential content of the ordinance, but is intended to allow authoritative application to specific cases.

AI-001-2011 - Affects C-2 and C-2 districts: Permitted Principal Uses under Article 1350 are Permitted Uses under Article 1400 and Conditional Uses under 1350 are Conditional under 1400.
AI-002-2011 - Affects Acorn Village, located along Oak Court: Property in this development shall be treated as townhomes.
AI-003-2011 - Affects all residential dwellings: Porches under 100 sq ft are allowed, even if it is not in conformance with the bulk requirements of the Ordinance.
AI-001-2012 - Interpreted due to the Monongalia County Health Department regulations due to Indoor Smoking. Affects outdoor smoking: A limited exception to the strict enforcement of Nonconforming Uses is made to allow for the provision of outdoor smoking areas. 
AI-002-2012- Affects construction: Temporary buildings placed onsite during the construction phase of a project are allowable provided they are removed thereafter.
AI-001-2013 - Affects R-3 and R-4 districts: Standards have been created for the development of Patio Homes. 
County Council 10/17/2016 - Affects PUDs: Industrial areas can be part of a planned PUD, but existing structures onsite would loose the non-conforming use/structure status.
AI-001-2017- Affects C-1 and C-2 districts: R-2 bulk requirements are to be utilized for single family residential constructed in those districts.
AI-001-2019- Affects permit extensions: Those permits administratively approved by Planning Staff may be extended for a period not to exceed two years. Those permits approved by the Planning Commission or Board of Zoning Appeals must seek approval from those bodies for an extension.
AI-002-2019 - Affects C-2 district: Sale of alcohol is permitted when secondary to a primary use of the business such as a beauty salon. 
AI-003-2019 - This AI was approved per BZA resolution BZA05-19. Affects C-3 district: Sale of fire arms is conditionally permitted. 
AI-001-2020 - Interpreted due to the Medical Cannabis Act via Senate Bill 386. This AI was approved per BZA resolution BZA01-20. Affects C-1, C-2, C-3, M-2, R-4,  and I-1 districts:  Medical cannabis is conditionally permitted within these districts as follows:
       Dispensaries: C-1, C-2, and C-3
       Grower/Processors: M-2
       Health Care Organizations: R-4, C-1 and I-1
AI-002-2020, not yet finalized
AI-003-2020 - AffectsC-1, C-2, and C-3 districts: Bakery, coffee shops, delicatessens and other types of restaurant related businesses which serve alcohol will be considered similar to restaurants which do -with/under the appropriate conditional or permitted use.