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West Run Planning District

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West Run District Map [Online Map]

westrunThe West Run Planning District is situated to the north of the municipalities of Star City and Morgantown. The original District continued east to the Cheat Lake Planning District, north to the Stewartstown Planning District and then west to the Monongahela River. However, to simplify the voting process for the election to adopt the proposed zoning ordinance, the district boundaries have been modified to coincide with the 2010 boundaries of precincts 36, 76, 84,86,87,88, and 91. These boundaries have since changed with the 2016 update but the parcels within the District remain the same. 

West Run contains the most urbanized areas of the four planning districts, including higher density housing, large commercial corridors, and major employment centers including Monongalia Health Systems, Mylan Pharmaceuticals, National Institute Occupational Safety & Health, and National Energy Technology Laboratory. Easton and North Elementary schools are also located within the District.

Arguably, the District is the economic engine of the greater Morgantown area in terms of high paying medical and research related employment. The neighborhoods within the community remain diverse and active. Traffic congestion and the significant increase in private high-density housing for WVU students have placed mounting pressures on the viability the community.

In a concerted effort to facilitate the development of a long-range growth strategy for the community, the West Run Planning District Advisory Committee completed the mapping of existing land uses. Then, incorporating significant citizen participation, performed a visioning process to formulate a future development plan for the district. This work has cumulated in the recommendation that land use planning be adopted for the district.

With the assistance of the West Run Planning District Advisory Committee, the Monongalia County Planning Commission completed work on the Land Use Planning for the West Run Planning District Zoning Ordinance and Zoning Map (You will need to zoom into the West Run Planning District, just north of Morgantown to turn it on) The Monongalia County Commission voted to place the West Run Planning District Zoning Ordinance on the November 2, 2010 general election ballot.

The voters in the West Run Planning District approved the adoption of the Ordinance by a four to one margin . With the certification of the election on the 12th day of November 2010, the ordinance became official. All existing land uses as of this date are "grandfathered" in place. The Planning Office has begun implementation of the Ordinance as of July 1, 2011. Links to the Ordinance are listed to the left, including the map, administrative sections, and zoning districts section.

The West Run Planning District Advisory Committee is currently inactive, but can be reactivated at the request of land owners in the district.