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The Subdivision and Land Development Regulations are now in a new draft form which can be found here in PDF form including the three Appendices. Wayfinding and Section References may change due to reorganization.  

This draft is a working document released only for Planning Commission review and comment, as is, and not intended to constitute the final draft adopted by the County Commission nor should it be substituted for any current legislative requirements.

This draft is not intended for public review at this time.

This draft comes after having held numerous public meetings late last year, a developer round table, and extensive review for compliance with WV 8A, the supervisory state code.

 After review of the draft, there will be the public hearing to be scheduled. Please see below for a new time line for the next few months regarding these regulations.

The current proposed timeline (All Dates Subject To Change):

Due to COVID-19 most dates are now To Be Determined. We will update both Facebook and this Page when new dates are decided on. The original schedule last year before Covid was:

  • March 20 – Final Subdivision and Land Development Regulation Draft Available to Public
  • March 31 – Final Guideline/Toolkit Draft Available to Public
  • TBD (prev April 3) – Engineers Workshop, Location TBD (Please Mark your Calendars)
  • TBD Iprev April 17)– Developers Workshop, Location TBD (Please Mark your Calendars)
  • TBD (prev April 24) – Finalizing the Regulation Draft, Editing of Errors, Formatting, and Pagination
  • TBD (prev May 27) – Public Hearing/Potential Adoption
  • TBD (prev July 1) – Ordinance Goes Into Effect (if adopted)

-            Dependent issues: Extra Staff, County Engineer, and Subdivision Review Board

  • Jan 1, 2021 – Sunset Date for Submitting Grandfathered Developments
  • May - July 2021 – First Review of the Regulation

To explain how the draft in its current form arose, there is a video that provides an overview which can be found here.  This presentation outlines what changes have been made from the prior version presented to the County Commission back in August 2019.  There is also a number of videos to explain how the Ordinance would work depending on whether an applicant for a subdivision wanted to do a minor, a major or a major with phases.  Also there will be a video or series of videos on Preferred Design for Subdivision (under construction and not complete)

 Along with the proposed subdivision regulations, MCPC staff have created a set of guidelines to help developers, surveyors, and other applicants better understand what is required by the regulations. The draft Subdivsion and Land Development Regulations Guidelines can be found here in PDF form.  This is not intended to be the final draft and are provided for informational purposes only. 

There is also an FAQ which may help answer some of the questions you may have. For further information beyond the above, please contact the County Planning Office at 304-284-7302 or email at