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Planning Office

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About the Planning Office

The Monongalia County Planning Office is located on the first floor of the Monongalia County Courthouse, Rm 026. This office space also includes the Morgantown Monongalia Metropolitan Planning Organization , as well as the Floodplain Coordinator, Michael Paugh.

The Main Office Number is: 304-284-7302

Our Staff is responsible for:

• Current Planning
Administration and enforcement of the the West Run Zoning Ordinance and its coinciding Comprehensive Plan, Wireless Communication Tower Ordinance, and the Floodplain Ordinance.

• Community Services
Providing land use planning advice and technical expertise to residents, educating the public on their zoning rights, and ensuring Mon County residents get the right answer or can be properly directed to the right answer.

• Advanced Planning
Updating the Comprehensive Plan (next to be updated by 2023), facilitating creation of new planning and zoning districts ahead of unchecked growth, and undertaking special planning projects (i.e., neighborhood plans and redevelopment plans).

Our Residents and Clients are our focus!

Our goals for citizen participation are:

• Inclusion of the entire community in shaping the future growth and development of Monongalia County via:
        • Incorporating citizen input into the formulation and development of the county comprehensive plan and overall planning program.
        • Appointing citizens to advisory boards and committees.
        • Encouraging cross-cultural interaction between citizens of Monongalia County to instill civic pride and cooperation.

• Facilitate meaningful citizen participation in the proceedings of county government with emphasis on the Planning Commission and County Commission via:
        • Improving the dissemination of information on planning and zoning issues to the public.