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Planning History

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The first Mon County Planning Committee was created on July 14, 1959 (County Commission Miscellaneous Orders Book 14, pg 291). A year and seven months later on February 28, 1961, the County Commission (then County Court) adopted a zoning ordinance for Monongalia County as prepared by Kenneth Schellie & Associates Planning Consultants (CC, Mis Ord 14, pg 352).  On the same date, Cliff Hough was hired as the first enforcer of the  Zoning Ordinance under the title of Building Commissioner. Unfortunately the County Commission stayed the zoning ordinance on April 18, 1961 pending a referendum vote could be taken by the public. The referendum vote never took place.

The Planning Commission would continue on for almost 24 more years until it was disbanded March 5, 1985 due to low member numbers (Commission Minutes 6, pg 351). During that time several versions of subdivision regulations and zoning ordinances were drafted, but not adopted.

On November 19, 1990 the County Commission reactivated the Planning Commission (CM 9, pg 444). A draft version of subdivision regulations were done by the planning commission of that time. This draft caused concerns, and on June 26, 1995, Mary Kerns, chair of the Mon County Rural Alliance came before the County Commission for a reply for the formal request to disband the Planning Commission. The County Commission then voted to disband the Planning Commission as of September 1, 1995 (CM 14, pg 626).

It would be another 3 years and 6 months until the County Commission would again reactivate the Planning Commission (the current iteration) on March 18, 1999 (CM 19, pg 114). Through their hard work, on October 1, 2003 the Cheat Lake, Cheat Neck, Stewartstown, and West Run Planning Districts were created.

The Planning Commission continued that hard work, and after several drafts of zoning ordinances on January 2, 2008 the County Commission enacted the Cheat Lake and Cheat Neck Zoning Ordinances. Unfortunately another request was made to put the zoning to a referendum vote. On October 3, 2009 the Cheat Lake and Cheat Neck zoning was revoked via a 2009 Special Zoning Election.

Little over a year later the citizens of West Run Planning District would have their own referendum, and on November 12, 2010 during the General Election, the West Run Zoning Ordinance was adopted by a four to one margin.

It was also during this time that two different drafts of Subdivision Regulations were created first in 2010 with an approval by the MCPC and then presentation to the County Commission, and again in 2015 with an approval by the MCPC with a public hearing set two years later where the draft was sent back to the MCPC. 

At this time the Planning Commission has four planning districts, one zoned district, and comprehensive plan which covers the four planning districts of the county. Staff has also been working on draft subdivision regulations which are currently  being developed in their final form for review by the public (see the MCPC front page).