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The 2013 Comprehensive Plan is now in the process of being updated!

The MCPC currently has an ongoing survey related to the Comprehensive Plan update (Should take 5 minutes to complete). Click Here For The Survey

The Comprehensive Plan update will span the next ten years and represents the goals of the county government for land development, uses, and suitability. 

Here is a power point giving a  brief overview of the what the process entails.  This presentation was the one presented at the County Town Hall meeting, September 29th, after the Broadband Presentation. Though technical glitches prevented the power point itself from being widely seen, it can now be reviewed at that link.  

The plan also aids the planning commission in designing and recommending to the governing body ordinances that result in preserving and enhancing the unique life and culture in the community while adapting to future changes of use.

Per WV8A [§8A-3-4-c-1 through 13] the comprehensive plan is required to have the following components:

1) Land Use - designate the current uses and set goals for proposed distribution, location and suitable uses of land.
2) Housing  - set goals to meet housing needs for current and future residents of the jurisdiction 
3) Transportation *- identify goals and plans to meet the intermodal transportation needs of the jurisdiction
4) Infrastructure - designate the current locations and set goals for proposed locations, capabilities and capacities of all utilities
5) Public Services - Set goals to ensure public safety and meet the medical, cultural, historical, community, social, educational, and disaster needs of the residents
6) Rural *- Identify land that is not intended for urban growth and set goals for growth and/or decline in the designated rural area
7) Recreation* - Identify land and set goals for recreational and tourism use in the area
8) Economic Development - Establish goals and guidelines for economic growth and vitality for residents
9) Community Design* - Set goals to promote a sense of community, character and identity
10) Preferred Development Areas* - Identify areas where incentives may be used to encourage development, infill or redevelopment
11) Renewal and/or Redevelopment* - Identify slums or blighted areas and set goals for the elimination of such areas
12) Financing - Recommend to the governing body short and long term financing plans to meet the goals of the comprehensive plan
13) Historic Preservation - Identify historical, scenic, archaeological, architectural or similar, and specify preservation plans
*Italicized items must be consistent with the land use component (in bold).

Below is the current Comprehensive Plan (adopted 2-6-2013), which is separated into three parts:
App 1: Existing Conditions
App 2: Implementation

The MPO website,,  will be utilized for contact for outreach, events, and online polls. A draft of the MTP report is anticipated in March 2022.
Here is a link to a PDF of the MMMPO Growth Forecast Technical Document

There are currently two completed outreach events:

Community Survey: The survey was live through Thursday, February 24th, 2022. 
The survey executive summary will be posted shortly.

Community Workshop (with the MTP team):
Held Thursday, February 10th, 2022 via Virtual Meeting
Here is a link to a PDF of the Presentation
Here is  link to the Presentation Portion of the meeting (41 min)
Here is a link to the Q&A Portion of the meeting (50 min)

The Community Workshop introduced the County planning process, review existing conditions and emerging trends. The public will have the opportunity to discuss key issues as well as the community’s vision and goals for the future of Monongalia County.  The MTP project team provided an update on their community engagement to date and project milestones– including an overview of draft recommendations and key transportation projects identified within the County.

Big Ideas Survey: This survey is based on the results from the January Community Survey.

In order to serve you, the community, better, MCPC staff are working with the MPO, City of Morgantown and have been talking with the Consultant for the Cities of Westover and Granville.  This is one of the direct purposes of the comprehensive plan which is to coordinate all governing bodies, units of government and other planning commissions to ensure that all comprehensive plans and future development are compatible [§8A-3-1-d-3 and 8A-3-13-a through c]. 

Contact Info:
Andrew Gast-Bray, Ph.D. AICP, CNU-A
Director of Planning
304-291-9570; please use Draft Comprehensive Plan in the subject line

We will update both Facebook and this Page for dates, times and other public comment requests as they come up.