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Building Enforcement

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While West Virginia has a State Building Code , as administered by the State Fire Marshal via Title 87 Series 4, there is no local enforcement of building code at this time. If the property is located within zoned areas of the county, use and siting requirements apply. The zoned areas of the county can be found on the County GIS Website. The West Run Zoning Layer is found at the bottom of the legend. To turn the layer on (so that it is not greyed out), you will need to zoom in (using the plus magnifying glass) over the north end of Morgantown. The plus sign next to  the zoning layer expands out to show the different zoning districts and their corresponding colors.

The State Fire Marshal has Fire Safety Inspection Division  and a Plans and Review Section  which handle industrial, commercial and multi-family inspections. Multi-family inspection includes all common wall connected dwelling above 2 units (eg. duplex). 

Besides the State Fire Marshal, within Mon County, a Division of Highways Encroachment Permit must be applied for, for all new access points onto DOH maintained roads, and a Real Property Improvement Form must be filled out from the County Assessor. Please click on the Community Tab to find it. 

Utilties such as septic and wells are handled by the by the Mon County Health Department. Water and Sewer are only in certain locations of the county. This is for reference only and does not constitute a comprehensive listing of all recorded water and sewer assets.