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Frequently Asked Questions

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When is the Courthouse open for business?

What office do I contact for a birth certificate, death certificate or marriage license?

Where can I file for divorce or custody of a minor child?

If there is a street or alley adjacent to my property that is not being used, what can I do to have it closed?

What if I have a problem with potholes in my road?

If I live outside of the city limits and my neighbors and I want to have our street paved, what can we do?

Who do I contact about a traffic ticket or other violation of the law?

What if I've received a parking ticket?

Who do I contact if my dog is missing and may have been picked up by a Dog Warden?

If I think the value of my property is too high, what can I do?

What if there is a property in my neighborhood that appears to be unsafe, unsanitary and a danger to the general public?