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Monongalia County Commissioners and Staff

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The County Commission is the governing body of each county. Fifty-three counties elect three member commissions while Jefferson County and Berkeley County are the only ones with a five-member commission. One Commissioner must reside in each of the three Magisterial Districts — Eastern, Central and Western; however they are elected by all voters county wide. Commissioners hold their office for a term of six years and one Commissioner is elected every two years. In January, they choose one of their members to serve as President. Their salary is set by the State Legislature in the West Virginia Code according to the size (class) of the County.

Monongalia County is a Class I county, therefore each Commissioner is paid $41,396 per year.

County Commissioners, by law, must be bonded with an amount not less than $20,000 nor more than $200,000.

Tom Bloom was elected as the Commissioner representing the Western District, meaning he resides to the west of the City of Morgantown. His first term began on January 1, 2013. He serves on many boards and authorities as a Commissioner and an individual. 

Jeffrey L. Arnett began his first term on January 1, 2021.

Sean P. Sikora serves as the representative of the Central District which means he is from the general area of the City of Morgantown. His first term began on January 1, 2017.   

The Commission is considered to be the employer of all county employees even those hired by another elected official. All employees are to be brought before the County Commission during a regular meeting for formal approval.

A small administrative staff works directly under the County Commission:

Rennetta McClure is the Commission’s County Administrator. She has been employed by the county since 1995.

Ms. McClure is responsible for the day-to-day operations of Monongalia County government. Any directions and decisions made by the Commission are carried out by the Administrator. She determines the agendas for meetings and acts as a facilitator for weekly and special meetings and generally prepares material for the Commission to review.  The Administrator also reviews all correspondence directed to the Commission in general and prepares the appropriate response. Ms. McClure also responds to telephone calls and office visits from the public, department heads, and County employees.  She also prepares a draft budget for review and approval of the Commission. 

Carlos Goss, Director of Facilities. 

Mr. Goss is responsible for all county owned buildings and grounds.  Carlos and his staff of eight provide general maintenance but also are skilled at general construction for larger projects. He serves as the manager and overseer of the County’s Motor Pool, the Canine Adoption Center and the Litter Control Office.

Collene Coon is the Commission's Secretary and Grant Coordinator.  She has been employed by the county since April 2015. 

Ms. Coon greets the public and answers the majority of all the phone calls that the Commission receives.  In February and October, she acts as the liaison for the Commission to the Assessor's Office during the Board of Review and Equalization.  In addition to many other duties, Collene also administers all of the Federal, State, and Local grants that the Commission receives or that it acts as a pass-thru for other agencies.  She finalizes the grant applications, prepares the monthly reimbursement requests, and completes the required reporting.